Part-Time MBA


The EHTP-Ponts MBA

The École Hassania des Travaux Publics &  École des Ponts Business School MBA (EHTP-Ponts MBA) was launched in 1998. A convention was signed between the two institutions to offer a leading international MBA with a focus on Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. This was a new approach in the education market in Morocco and a successful  experience model in the field of co-operation between renowned institutions.
The joint program was designed to provide young, middle and executive managers with cutting edge business, management and leadership skills. Visiting faculty from top universities and business schools from around the world add a notable multicultural and multidimensional prism on modern business issues. The program has recently been updated with exciting new changes including new courses, on-line admissions, a new Learning Management System (the Bridge) and new international exchange opportunities.
The ruling objective of the EHTP-Ponts MBA programme is to promote its vision of 'leaders of tomorrow'. This vision is featured by a learning process that is innovative, entrepreneurial and multicultural.
This academic agreement has always been supported by a sponsoring committee formerly presided by the late Mr. Abdelaziz Meziane Belfkiih, Advisor of H.M. King Mohamed VI. This sponsoring committee has provided an essential credibility to the EHTP-Ponts MBA MBA programme by involving companies and organisations, which appreciate the added value of the programme in terms of its content and way of learning.