Faculty & Research

Faculty & Research

The EHTP-Ponts MBA Paris prides itself on the quality and experience of its teaching faculty. The faculty represents a remarkably diverse range of academic and professional backgrounds and ensures that all our program participants benefit from a plurality of perspectives, the most up-to-date and relevant academic concepts as well as their real-world applications in different business environments around the globe.

All of the School´s professors come from first-class universities and business schools from all corners of the world and are held to the highest academic standards. Because the faculty members themselves are internationally diverse in terms of their cultural, geographic and business perspectives, our program participants benefit from an  enriching exchange of philosophies, cultures and school of thoughts which adds a unique multicultural dimension to their studies.


 - Marx, Bob Ph.D.
Leadership; Team Building
Isenberg School of Management, University of Massaschusetts - USA
- Smith, Christopher Ph.D.
Organizational Behavior; Strategic Management
Adelaide Graduate School of Business, The University of Adelaide - Australia
- Chicksand, Daniel Ph.D.
Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, e-Business
Warwick Business School, Warwick University - UK
- McAleese, Dermot Ph.D.
Business Economics
Trinity College, The University of Dublin - Ireland

- Regan, Laureen Ph.D.
Enterprise Risk Management
Fox School of Business, Temple University - USA

- McHugh, Gerard Ph.D.
Financial Accounting
Trinity College, The University of Dublin - Ireland

Gheeraert, Laurent 
Corporate Finance
- Baume, Georges Ph.D.
International Business Strategy
Graduate School of Business, Adelaide University - Australia
- Delquié, Philippe Ph.D.
Information and Decision Making, Decision Sciences
The George Washington University School of Business - USA
Rothenberger, Sandra Ph.D
Marketing of Innovative Products
Solvay Brussels School

Witmeur, Olivier 
Entrepreneurship & intrapreneurship 
Solvay Brussels School

- Biscaccianti, Alessandro Ph.D.
Change Management; Conflict Resolution; Negotiations; Project Management
Transformactions - France

Southworth, Alain 
Managerial Accounting

- Jelassi, Tawfik Ph.D.
Strategies for e-Business; Information Technology; Innovation Management
École des Ponts Business School

Prof El Ghalib
Business in Society

- Rozen, Alon Ph.D. (ABD)
Business Plan Development, Business Communications, Creation of Innovative Enterprises, Financial Markets Workshop, Marketing,
École des Ponts Business School

- Cummings, Stephen Ph.D.
Strategic Management
Victoria Management School, University of Wellington - New Zealand

- Angwin, Duncan Ph.D.
Strategic Management
Oxford Brookes University

- Modwel, Suman Ph.D.
International Business Policy
École des Ponts Business School