The EHTP-Ponts MBA was launched in 1998 as a joint program designed to provide young, middle and executive managers with cutting edge business, management and leadership skills. Visiting faculty from top universities and business schools from around the world add a notable multicultural & multidimensional prism on modern business issues. The program has recently been updated with exciting new changes including new courses, on-line admissions, a new Learning Management System (the Bridge) and new international exchange opportunities.

With a focus on innovation & entrepreneurship, the École des Ponts Business School offers several MBAs around the world including Solvay-Ponts full-time MBA (Brussels, Paris), Solvay-Ponts part-time MBA (Brussels), Solvay-Ponts Global E-MBA with the Fox School of Business (Paris, Brussels, Philadelphia), Tongji-Ponts MBA (SIMBA) (Shanghai), and Wroclaw-Ponts MBA (Wroclaw). Participants in all Ponts MBAs are encouraged to take up to 4 courses on the other campuses to boost international experience & networking opportunities.

Blending field-tested academic concepts and best practices with real-world experience, the EHTP and École des Ponts Business School develop programs specially-designed to meet the fast-changing needs of corporate executives in Morocco and around the world. We also design specially-tailored programs, workshops and learning series, as well as branded MBA programs for leading companies, SMBs, governmental agencies, NGOs and academic partners in France, Morocco and internationally.